Cubiclesales.com is an offshoot of the service company Bay Area Installations Inc.

We came up when "cubicles" were "panels" were "partitions" and nobody had heard of Dilbert yet.

Those were the rough and tumble "wild west days" of the office furniture industry in the 1980s, when all aspects of the business were being developed and great strides were being taken in design and product capability, and in service and installation techniques.

Next came the go-go 90s and the tech boom, where we established ourselves as an industry leading service company.

Through it all, our entrepreneurial wheels were turning, and we were looking for other ways to make our mark on the office furniture industry. Consulting with inventory brokers and ex-tech reps and developing our sales force, we came up with one of the first used and refurbished furniture sites in history.

Thus Cubiclesales.com was born!


Those in the industry know that the landscape of office furniture is constantly changing.

What does not change is the value of having a reliable partner with a focus on customer service, diligence, and quality.

An industry innovator and leader, Cubiclesales.com is keeping the spirit of American enterprise alive in the 21st century, and looks forward to helping you source your furniture needs.