Beautiful Lateral Files

Need a new file cabinet? You've come to the right place - is the best source for new and used office furniture solutions.

Did we say file cabinet? As promised - here is one of our beautiful lateral files:

That's right "lateral" file - that is the industry term for a file that is laid out laterally (the files go side to side, not front to back). The other option is a "vertical" file - more of a traditional file cabinet that you'll see in the police office in crime dramas - the files pull out to the front and are arranged vertically. But for more of this insider info, take a look at our partner Bay Area Installations, and keep an eye out for the blog series "learning the lingo". In this series, BAI sets out office furniture industry terms that are usually unfamiliar to the lay person.

Here at, advice is always free and that includes the correct description of your new file cabinet. We do charge for the furniture itself but give us a call and find out what other beauties we have for sale!