In Thanks of the Spirit of Invention

During this season of the year, it is important to reflect and appreciate all that we are truly thankful for. At, we gladly join in that ritual. As we do so, we realize that we enjoy a certain type of thanks every day - thanks for the spirit of human invention.

You may recall that we are an offshoot of our partner Bay Area Installations. If you've checked out our "about us" page, you'll see a bit of our history, coming up as a service company during the formative days of modular systems furniture. We admit that cubicles have gotten a bad wrap recently (pun intended), but we'd like to share a fresh perspective with regards thereto.

Cubicle systems were designed to create a maximum amount of work-space on a single floor-plan. Thus more workers, more work product, more success. This was a brilliant invention, and was a large contributing factor in the successes our country experienced in the 80s and 90s.

Of course, change is the one constant in life. Thus companies began to tired of their clunky old cubicle systems and gravitate towards more open work environments. Thus the modern trend known as "desking" was born. This is another brilliant invention and is instrumental in the current successes we are seeing in the tech industry.

And so it is with many an invention - someone has an idea, a passion, an insight. Through tireless effort and focus their vision becomes a reality. But it isn't just they who benefit - it is all of us.

How does this tie in to Simple - we had a modest idea - re-use the cubicles that we had installed in the 80s and 90s; slice and dice and freshen them up to bring a uniquie retro spin on modern desking. Take a look at the results. This is just one of many things we at are thankful for.