Training Tables

We're soon upgrading to a "featured item" section on our website. We're busy here at, but in the spirit of invention we try to keep things fresh and give you the best of what comes our way.

One of the benefits of being a spin-off of our partners Bay Area Installations, is that we have a constant source for new inventory. BAI will often be hired to move or liquidate a suite of offices. Once they complete their job - including their trademark dedication to customer service, diligence, and quality - we often end up taking part of the inventory off their hands. This is all to your benefit, as you get top selection of featured items such as:

5' Training Tables


What you see is what you get but these beauties are very functional. They feature a neutral maple top w/ graphite colored legs with casters. Half modesty comes standard.

Whether you need to set up a call center, a meeting room, or just have some extra surface space around the office, these tables could be the perfect solution - give us a call for pricing. Keep checking for the evolution of our 'featured item' section.