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Telephone Line

We all appreciate that hit song by ELO, right? Here at Cubiclesales.com, we have a love of all things classic - especially because we find ways to reuse and recycle so many of them.

Take the following example:

< insert picture of British style Telephone booth from our warehouse...sadly, technicaly difficulties prevent us from uploading a picture at this time >


There's nothing like a product that stands the test of time and doesn't break down. Here at Cubiclesales.com, we would like to give a shout out to tried and true American manufacturing. We believe it can be alive and well again.

When our partners at Bay Area Installations were installing offices in the 1980s, the industry standard was a well known partition system named Unigroup. As it happens, one of our standard lines for refurbishing is still the same old Unigroup!


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